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The Constitution of India has established Democratic and Republic rule. Democracy requires information to all citizens and there should be transparency of information to them. This is vital to its functioning and also to control and limit corruption and hold Governments and their instrumentalities accountable to the governed public.
The formal recognition of a legal RTI in India occurred more than two decades before legislation was finally enacted. In State of U.P. V. Raj Narain, Justice K.K. Mathew observed n a government of responsibility like ours, where all the agents of the public must be responsible for their conduct, there can be but few secrets. The people of this country have a right to know every public act, everything that is done in a public way, by their public functionaries. They are entitled to know the particulars of every public transaction in all its bearing?.As right to information is so vital, the authors of this book have taken every effort to present all the provisions of all the enactments relating to information in simple language, easily understandable to all readers.We hope that this book on ?Right to Information? will be immensely useful to all, particularly to law students preparing for any examination in the subject.


Dr. Ambedkar Law University

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