LAW OF TORTS – KannadaLAW OF TORTS – Kannada

LAW OF TORTS – Kannada


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The Law of Torts, unlike the other statutory laws, is mainly based on Case Laws. The Indian Law of Torts is primarily based on English Case laws. The study of this subject is becoming increasingly important with the complexities of modern life, and the law is growing fast leading to higher evolution and grouping of new torts like fault theory, economic tort, doubtful tort, changes in the doctrine of absolute liability, etc., Since Case laws are the foundation of the study of this subject, every effort has been taken to incorporate as many important case laws as possible with a view to clearly elucidate the legal principles.The legal maxims and their meaning and the answers for the previous year university questions, will help to understand and review the subject thoroughly. This book has already evoked overwhelming response from the student community by sales of over one lakh copies and it is hoped that this revised edition will receive the same overwhelming support as of earlier editions.


Karnataka State Law University

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