A makes a false entry in his shop-book for the purpose of using it as corroborative evidence committed by A?

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As per Sec. 192 of the Indian Penal Code, A has committed the offence of fabricating false evidence.


If any person –

  1. causes any circumstance to exist, or making any document containing false statement.


  1. with intention that it may appear in evidence in a judicial proceeding or legal proceeding before a public servant or an arbitration.


iii. thereby to cause the authority to arrive at an erroneous opinion on any relevant point, then he commits fabricating false evidence.


Sec. 192 applies not only to a Judicial and Quasi Judicial proceeding but also in non judicial proceeding before a public officer.


The facts of Illustration (b) of Sec. 192 are the same as of the above problem.


Further, mere fabrication of false evidence is punishable. It need not be put to actual use in a legal or judicial proceeding. The object of this offence is to cause failure of justice by the use of false statement or evidence.


If any person fabricates false evidence for the purpose of being used in a judicial proceeding, then he is punishable with imprisonment upto 7 years and fine.

Last Updated On January 30, 2018
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