‘A’ representing that he is a tinker received utensils for repair from Mrs. B and sold them.

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‘A’ is guilty of the offence of Cheating by personation under Sec. 416.


If a person pretends to be some other person or knowingly substituting himself for some other person or by representing that he is such other person, then he is guilty of cheating by personation.


In the given problem:


  1. A, pretends to be some other person i.e., a tinker.


  1. The other person is an imaginary one.

(Here A pretends to be a tinker and thus deceives Mrs. B)


  1. By such representation he induces Mrs. B to give her utensils to him for repair.


  1. A’s representation that he is a tinker, while he is not actually so, and his receipt of utensils from Mrs. B impliedly shows his fraudulent or dishonest intention.


So, A is guilty of the offence of cheating by personation.

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