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  • Law Of Evidence

    Law Of Evidence Occupies An Important Place In All Judicial Proceedings, Just Like The Blood Stream In The Body And Salt In The Food. Being Both A Substantive And…

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  • Law of Insurance

    After liberalization and globalization, the world has become a global village. After the liberalization policy of India in 1992, many private companies both in life and general insurance sectors…

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  • Law of Taxation (The Customs Act)

    Note: Since it is the rushing hour for exams, we have only the printed copies for this book but it covers all the syllabus as in the book. Book…

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  • Law of Taxation I

    The Term Taxation?Signifies The Process Of Collecting Money By The Government From The Individual Citizens, Corporate Firms And Others.The Money So Collected Goes To Public Treasury/Consolidated Fund Of India…

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  • Law of Taxation II

    The Term Taxation?Signifies The Process Of Collecting Money By The Government From The Individual Citizens, Corporate Firms And Others Either Directly Or Indirectly. Income Tax, Wealth Tax Are Direct…

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  • Law of Torts

    The Law Of Torts, Unlike The Other Statutory Laws, Is Mainly Based On Case Laws. The Indian Law Of Torts Is Primarily Based On English Case Laws.

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  • Law of Torts Solved

    After The Recent Changes In The Syllabus And Changes In The Examination Patterns Of The 3 Year And 5 Year B.L.,/Llb., Courses Of Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Karnataka State…

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  • Legal Dictionary (English -English)

    For students of law, the meaning of legal terms is very important for their legal studies, because without knowing the meaning of legal terms, it is difficult to correctly…

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  • Mohameddan law

    The Subject Of Family Laws?Is Exhaustive ? A Vast Ocean, Yet The Most Applicable To Every Person’s Life. The Subject Family Law – II?Has Both Mohammedan Law And The…

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  • Penology & Victimology

    The Subjects Namely Penology And Victimology Are The Specialized Branches Of The Study Of Criminology. While
    Penology Deals With The Punishment Aspects Of Offenders, Victimology Deals With The Study…

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  • Professional Ethics

    The Legal Profession Is A Noble Profession. An Advocate Is A Respectable Person In The Society. He Is An Officer Of The Court, Helping In The Administration Of Justice….

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  • Public International Law

    The Dawn Of Twentieth Century Has Witnessed Two World Wars. The Calamities, Destruction, Miseries And Human Sufferings As Aftermath Of These Wars Have Had Catastrophic Effects.

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  • Right of Information Act

    The Constitution Of India Has Established Democratic And Republic Rule. Democracy Requires Information To All Citizens And There Should Be Transparency Of Information To Them. This Is Vital To…

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  • Sociology I

    Sociology is the scientific study of society. It studies the patterns of social relationships, social interactions, culture, etc.,

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  • TP Act Solved Problems

    After The Change In Syllabus And Change In Examination Pattern Of The 3 Year And 5 Year B.L.,/LLB., Courses Of Law Universities, The Answering Of Problems Have Become Compulsory…

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  • Transfer of Property Act

    Transfer Of Property?Is One Of The Most Important And Difficult Subjects Of Study In Llb Course.A Thorough And Proper Understanding Of This Subject Is Necessary For Not Only Passing…

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  • White Collar Crimes

    White-Collar Crime Is A Crime Generally Committed By A Person Of Respectability And High Social Status In The Course Of His Occupation. It Also Refers To Financially Motivated Non-Violent…

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  • Women & Criminal Law

    Women, Particularly In India, Have Been Discriminated, Exploited And In-equally Treated In Many Fields Of Life. Women In India Have Undergone A Lot Of Physical, Mental And Psychological Suffering…

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