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  • Administrative Law

    Administrative law is a fast-growing subject. The Government namely the executive has widely extended its functions to many fields. As a natural consequence, the misuse of powers by the…

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  • Arbitration

    The Constitution of India has established Democratic and Republic rule. Democracy requires information to all citizens and there should be transparency of information to them.

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  • Banking Law

    Banks have become an integral part of not only global and national economies but also business and family life of every individual.They have become highly indispensable for national, international,…

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  • Code of Civil Procedure

    The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 is the backbone of the Civil Procedural Law. Many Advocates practice in Civil Laws only. A thorough theoretical knowledge of the Code of…

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  • Code of Criminal Procedure

    The study of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 is very important for any law student who wishes to practice on the criminal side. Even otherwise, one should know…

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  • Company Law I

    Incorporated Companies were the by-products of the Industrial Revolution in England in the 17th Century. The increase in commercial activities necessitated registered Companies to have statutory rules and legislation…

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  • Consumer Justice

    Today?s world is a global village with rapid strides of technological developments both in transport and communication. An American product of yesterday is an Indian consumer product of today…

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  • Contract I

    With liberalization and globalization, the Indian Economy is open to international competition. A number of contracts including international contracts are being entered every day in business transactions.

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  • Contract I Solved Problems

    After the change in syllabus and change in examination pattern of the 3 year and 5 year B.L.,/LLB., courses of Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Karnataka State Law University, and…

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  • Contract II

    The importance of the Contract Act, the Sale of Goods Act and the Partnership Act can hardly be ignored, as in the complexities of modern life, almost every transaction…

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  • Environmental Law

    Environmental pollution is the present day?s biggest challenge to humanity. The study of the environment, besides being a natural and management science, is also a ?law?.

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  • Factories Act

    This Book On Factories Act, 1948?With Commentaries And Case Laws Both In English And Tamil Languages Is Indispensable For Every Factory Owner/ Occupier/ Manager (Industrial Relations).?

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  • Family Law I & II

    Hindu Law: The subject of Family laws is exhaustive ? a vast ocean, yet the most applicable in every one’s life.The study of Family laws covers from the ancient…

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  • Indian Constitutional Law

    The Indian Constitution, the largest and most detailed Constitution in the world, is remarkable for many of its outstanding features, which uniquely distinguish it from other Constitutions in the…

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  • Intellectual Property Rights

    Intellectual Property Law has now become an important branch of study in India, especially after the process of liberalization and globalization.Due to the improved scientific technologies, infringement of copyright,…

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  • Interpretation of Statues

    Interpretation of Statutes, as a subject of study, has evolved from the basic substantive and procedural laws. Knowledge of the basic laws is an essential requirement for the study…

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  • Jurisprudence

    Jurisprudence (Legal Theory) is the science or knowledge of the law. The study of various branches of law is not complete unless the science of law is studied and…

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  • Law of Torts

    The Law of Torts, unlike the other statutory laws, is mainly based on Case Laws. The Indian Law of Torts is primarily based on English Case laws.

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  • Law of Crimes

    Intellectual Property Law has now become an important branch of study in India, especially after the process of liberalization and globalization.

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